Commercial Upholstery Aberdeen

Commercial Upholstery Aberdeen

Upholstery Scotland provide a full commercial re-upholstery services to business clients throughout Aberdeen. 

The company can re-upholster/refurbish, or manufacture, furniture to suit all types of Aberdeen establishments, including:

  • restaurants
  • bars
  • pubs
  • function suites
  • social clubs
  • bowling clubs
  • offices
  • shops
  • showrooms
  • civic buildings

Why you need an experienced commercial upholsterer in Aberdeen for your project

Upholstery is everywhere but it is not just for the domestic setting. Every business that has a physical base can be in need of upholstery. If you have a business open to the public, this upholstery can take on a whole different meaning and is much more than a pair of curtains with a magic cushion.

In order to make the right choices, you need an experienced commercial upholsterer in Aberdeen to help you in your remodelling project:


Every business will have a budget that will need to cover the cost of everything from metres of chosen fabric to repairs of furniture, if needed, to the cost of completing the work and so on. You need to set a realistic budget about what you can and cannot afford but, you must also not compromise on the key aspects of the project - in most cases, this means getting the best material that your budget will stretch to.


There are all kinds of material, some are natural and other are synthetic, or man-made. Some materials will function better in some settings than others and this is why it is essential that you get the best fabric for your budget.

Some natural materials, such as cotton and leather, can provide the final look and finish you desire but not the longevity and robustness that you need. Silk oozes decadence but will not withstand the rigorous of daily, frequent use.

Synthetic materials can provide a cheaper, but still cost-efficient solution as well as increased strength and robustness in certain situations.

Some materials can also be treated to provide extra protection against odours and stains, brilliant for restaurants, pubs and so on.


As a commercial upholsterer in Aberdeen will testify, the upholstery in a room can set the final look and feel of the space.

If you have a small space, choosing smaller patterns along with lighter colours can be a great way opening up the space, making it feel bigger, lighter and airier. Dark colours can be used to either emphasise or hide an area that you do not want attention to be drawn too.

Upholstery should also add texture and warmth to a room, so don't forget how the fabric feels is just as important as how it looks in the overall final design and scheme.

If you are looking for an experienced commercial upholsterer in Aberdeen, why not call Upholstery Scotland? With many years of experience and thousands of fabrics and materials to choose from, we can help you create a beautiful re-modelled interior at your business.

Please contact Upholstery Scotland for more information on the company's commercial upholstery services in Aberdeen.

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