Commercial Upholstery Edinburgh

Commercial Upholstery Edinburgh

Upholstery Scotland provide a full commercial re-upholstery services to business clients throughout Edinburgh. 

Getting the best from commercial upholstery for your Edinburgh business - our top 6 tips

#1 Not all fabrics work the same in all situations

In order to get the best from any upholstered item, the top layer of fabric needs to be perfect for the situation in which it will be.

For example, if upholstered seating is under a lot of use, such as in a restaurant, the fabric needs to be able to withstand abrasive use. In other words, as people sit, move and slide off the seat, the upholstery fabric must not tear, rip, bobble and so on.

#2 Choose colours carefully

Some people assume that the get the best commercial upholstery for their Edinburgh business, they must always choose dark colours.

However, with the right choice of fabric as well as stain repellent treatment, lighter colours can work well in many situations.

#3 Patterns can open up a space (and make it smaller too)

Patterned upholstery is a popular choice and no surprise as it adds a breath of fresh air to a space. It can add interest, lighten a room and make it seem much bigger.

However, if you have a smaller space, the rule of thumb is to use smaller patterns and to use them sparingly. Larger patterns can dwarf a space so take care if you are using this style of bold pattern.

#4 There are no rules

Having said about taking care with patterned fabric, when it comes to commercial upholstery for your Edinburgh business, there really are no rules.

In fact, this is why many more businesses are opting for commercial upholstery. In essence, you are free to create the look that you want and with such an array of choices, there really very few boundaries.

#5 A more cost-effective solution than buying new

Commercial upholstery for your Edinburgh business can also be a far more cost effective process than you think. You can have items repaired, padding replaced in seating if needed and a top layer of fabric of your choice and still find that it is less than buying everything new.

Add to this the benefit of creating a truly unique interior, and you can soon see why many businesses opt for this opportunity.

If have an interior design project for your business in mind, commercial upholstery from a leading upholstery company can transform your Edinburgh business to looking simply extraordinary.

Please contact Upholstery Scotland for more information on the company's commercial upholstery services in Edinburgh.

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