Commercial Upholstery Stirling

Commercial Upholstery Stirling

Upholstery Scotland provide a full commercial re-upholstery services to business clients throughout Stirling. 

How a commercial upholsterer can help your Stirling business

Commercial upholstery is slightly different to that offered in a domestic setting. Although there can be a need for materials and fabrics that can withstand a lot of use and wear and tear in the home, when it comes to a commercial setting, the impact of constant use is magnified several times.

And this is why you need a commercial upholsterer in Stirling. This is the person with the skills and knowledge of just how some fabrics will respond in a certain setting, but how some colours and patterns will impact too.

There is one factor that remains the same - it needs to look right. Upholstery provides a room with texture and warmth, as well as colour and comfort. There are many reasons why getting it right is important - and thus a commercial upholsterer in Stirling could be simply invaluable.


The right colour is important but we recognise that as a business, you may have a corporate palette of colour that you need to stay within.

There are literally thousands of colours, of all kinds of shades thus we can help with the colour choice.


The inclusion of a pattern is one way of adding interest into a space, and breaking the monotony of just have one colour through the area too.

However, you need to choose patterns carefully. In a smaller space, for example, smaller prints work better than larger, bolder prints. There are also certain interior design fashion trends that many companies like to follow, such as mixing different patterns of the same colour and style.

Patterns, especially on seating, can be helpful to hide wear and tear too, staying looking brighter for longer we find.

Material choice

There are all kinds of material but they can be categorised in two: natural and man-made materials, also known as synthetic materials.

Some materials work better in some settings than others and we feel, that as a commercial upholsterer in Stirling, that we need to give you all the pros and cons of each of your choices. For example, some of the synthetic materials are made to emulate natural materials - such as vinyl is a synthetic form of leather - and can offer better solutions for the commercial setting in which they will be used.

If you need the help of a professional commercial upholsterer in Stirling, please contact Upholstery Scotland.

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