Caravan Upholstery Dumfries

Caravan Upholstery Dumfries

Upholstery Scotland provide a full caravan re-upholstery services to clients throughout Dumfries. 

Factors to consider when choosing caravan upholstery from a leading Dumfries company

Millions of people are thought to now take some kind of holiday every year in a caravan or campervan. This could be a weekend break by hiring a static van or it could be hitching up your own caravan and wondering off for a week or two.

However, you use your caravan and no matter how often, the interior of the van can begin to look and old and jaded thus, you may be looking for replacement caravan upholstery in Dumfries.

Choosing upholstery for your van's interior is not just about colours and pretty pattern, there are other factors to consider too…

#1 Stain and liquid repellent

The caravan is the space in which you will eat, sleep and relax and as such, the upholstery is under ore strain than your sofa or dining chairs. The seating area in some caravans also folds out to become a bed too.

Thus, the caravan upholstery you choose need to be robust and durable, able to repel stains and liquids so that it stays looking great, for longer.

#2 Consider replacing the padding too

Again, the use of the seating area will often be under more duress than in an ordinary domestic home. This means that the seat padding may be old and tired, sagging in some places and not offering the support that you need.

As a popular and leading caravan upholstery firm in Dumfries, we always advise thinking seriously about replacing some, if not all of the seat padding.

#3 Add small details for added interest

Many people assume that when they replace caravan upholstery, they must replace like-with-like but we think this is a great opportunity to add some detail and personality of your own to the interior of your caravan.

For example, adding extra cushions is one thing but why not opt to have buttons on show, or a slightly different style of cushion cover?

#4 Work colour and patterns together

The modern caravan makes clever use of colours and patterns in the space to make the confined space a little more open feeling.

Small prints work really well in a small space, adding just enough detail without over powering the space. This doesn't mean that you cannot use large prints, but if you do, do so sparingly.

Always make sure that colours and patterns complement each other too, so it gives a coherent feel to the space.

If you are looking for new caravan upholstery in Dumfries, or repair work, contact Upholstery Scotland today.

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