Caravan Upholstery Girvan

Caravan Upholstery Girvan

Upholstery Scotland provide a full caravan re-upholstery services to clients throughout Girvan.

Looking for New Caravan Upholstery in Girvan?

Your caravan is your pride and joy. You have enjoyed thousands of miles touring the country and the continent, and many happy hours watching the sun set, the kids playing and generally enjoying being together.

But, the inside of the caravan can take a bashing. As well as sleeping and dining, there are also cooking smells, spills and stains to content with. If this is the case, then you need new caravan upholstery in Girvan - and we are the people to provide it!

But how do you make your choice of fabric? What do you need to consider?

#1 Colour

Colour is important in any space. It can allow light to play and provide texture and warmth to a space. In a smaller space of a caravan, colour is paramount in making it feel bigger.

Lighter colours allow light to play in a space, but dark colours absorb it. However, you may think that lighter colours are impractical in a space that has food, drink and so on regularly consumed.

With specially treated fabrics, stains and spills can be repelled, welcome news for caravaners with families!

#2 Pattern

Patterns add notes of interest in a space but again, choose wisely. Small prints work well in a smaller space like a caravan but bigger patterns can swamp it, and make it feel closed in.

However, modern trends are to mix patterns to have complimenting patterns, big and small in your space and watch the dramatic way it changes the interior of your van.

#3 Fabric Type

There are all kinds of fabric types which fall into two categories: natural fabric and synthetic fabrics.

  • Natural fabrics -cottons and silk are natural fabrics are either grow on plants or are derived from animals. They are various pros and cons to using natural fabrics in a caravan. Talk to us to find out more.
  • Synthetic fabrics -these are created to mimic natural fabrics but are created so that the weaknesses of natural fabrics are dealt with such as the tendency of silk to fray, but rayon does not.

#4 Style

Some people want to emulate like-for-like with new caravan upholstery in Girvan. This is common where people have a caravan that is considered iconic in both style and age.

Other customers want to create a fresh, new and modern interior.

The good news is, is that here at Upholstery Scotland we do what you want because that is the freedom of choosing new caravan upholstery.

Caravan Upholstery Gallery

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