Caravan Upholstery Livingston

Caravan Upholstery Livingston

Upholstery Scotland provide a full caravan re-upholstery services to clients throughout Livingston. 

Looking for caravan upholstery service in Livingston?

Look no further as you have found the experts in all kinds of upholstery services and repairs - including caravan upholstering.

If you thinking of investing in new upholstery for your caravan, how do you know which material is right - and which ones to avoid?

The material itself

First and foremost, caravan upholstery services for Livingston customers should be more than just about pointing at a sample and saying 'that one will do'. You need to have a few ideas about the fabric you are choosing…

  • Different fabrics react in different ways to certain situations- for example, some fabrics fade in the sunlight very quickly leaving it looking washed out
  • Some fabrics are not as robust- thus when you sit or sleep on them, they can look worn very quickly
  • Some fabrics absorb smells and dirt easily- as clean and today as your caravan may be, the fact that you cook and eat all in one space can mean that the upholstery is under more strain and usage than in other places; this again means the material can begin to look shoddy and worn before its time

You need a material that is robust and strong and this means selecting a type of fabric that has a high thread count per inch.

Then there is the choice between natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fabrics are those that are grown such as leather, a by-product from the meat industry. Synthetic fibres are man-made.

Both have pros and cons - leather is incredibly hardwearing, for example, but may not be the best in a caravan. Its synthetic alternative, vinyl, is cheaper but not as robust.

Many Livingston customers prefer caravan upholstery to be a fabric rather than a leather or vinyl and thus, they are presented with all kinds of choices from colours to shades, as well as patterns.

Plain or patterned?

Some people opt for plain fabrics but other prefer patterned material simply because they feel that a pattern adds interest, as well as offering more texture to a space.

In many ways, there is no need to choose as you can mix and match both plain coloured fabrics and patterns!

So much choice

The one thing about caravan upholstery for Livingston customers is the difficulty in making a choice when presented with so fabric options, colours and design. But we are here to help and can talk through your requirements and make sure the finished project is fabulous - and within budget too.

Caravan Upholstery Gallery

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