Leather Repairs Ayr

Leather Upholstery Repairs Ayr

Upholstery Scotland provide a full upholstery leather repairs services to clients throughout the Ayr area. 

What kind of damage can leather upholstery repairs, close to your Ayr home, successful deal with?

It is a question that many people commonly ask when they look to either 'repair OR replace' a leather upholstered item. The answer is a simple, yet complex one.

Do you want to buy new? Do you want to repair? Are you prepared to invest in the favourite piece of leather upholstered item, that for the sake of a stitch or two, followed by conditioning treatment could look like new, and still give you many more years of wear…?

But, many people still worry that leather upholstery repairs close to their Ayr home may not be the economical solution they want; they worry that the damage to their leather item is too much, beyond repair and all hope is lost.

It may be that it is not and that repairing it will take less money and time than you think…

Tears & rips

They happen. In a busy household, with children playing, pets bouncing all over the place and jus the general hub-bub of life, the leather covering of a sofa, dining chair, foot stool and so on can be torn or ripped.

Hastily applied glue or, even worse, sticky tape now accessorises the item, in a vain attempt to hold the stuffing in to the item.

Scuffs & stains

But, this is the worst case scenario for in most cases, the damage caused to a leather item is far less severe, although no less annoying. Scuffs and stains are common; drinks being spilled, food being dropped, then sat on, trod on and generally worked in to the fabric are all common ways that leather is stained.

The leather upholstered sofa can make a great place to lounge and sleep on; leather dining chairs can make great posts for indoor games of football, or posts for tents, or the leather upholstered foot stool might make a great door for the space ship… all this playing and entertaining can all have an impact on leather.

But leather upholstery repairs, close to your Ayr home can deal with these quickly and easily.

Worn & loved

And then there is the lowest 'grade' of damage; the fact that the leather upholstered item has performed to perfection year on year for a long, long time now and simply needs some tender, loving care.

Do not just assume that because the leather sofa has a tear in it, the footstool is scuffed to bits of the dining chair has a huge stain on the seat, that they all need to make their way to landfill; leather upholstery repairs in Ayr are an economical and great way of breathing new life into loved items.

Please contact Upholstery Scotland for more information on the company's leather upholstery repairs service to the Ayr area.


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