Leather Repairs East Kilbride

Leather Upholstery Repairs East Kilbride

Upholstery Scotland provide a full upholstery leather repairs services to clients throughout the East Kilbride area. 

Leather upholstery - why a tear or scuff no longer means the end of the road

Many an East Kilbride customer will know the heart ache of seeing a tear, rip, scuff or stain on their prized leather upholstered item. From dining chair to sofa and footstool, there are many different items of furniture that benefits from the upholstery fabric that is leather.

Cool to touch and yet warm, leather is a natural 'living' fabric that performs well in the majority of homes and businesses across East Kilbride, but when leather upholstery repair is needed, people are unsure what can and cannot be fixed…

  • Age- leather, like other fabrics, will wear with age and use. However, whereas other fabrics may become thin and weak, leather can, for some time, take on the look of a wizened fable character. The shininess of being new will gradually fade but, unlike other fabrics, will be replaced with a delightful, softened-with-age look.

BUT, this aging process can make the fabric, eventually over a long, long time admittedly, thin and weaker, and far more susceptible to damage. But, age is no barrier to leather upholstery repair for any items owned by an East Kilbride customer.

  • Use- furniture and other upholstered are meant to be used. They are designed, created and bought to provide function within a home or business; from the leather sofa and armchairs in a family home, to the delightful leather upholstered dining chairs in a restaurant, they are all designed to be used.

But with use comes a danger for the leather fabric; the sharpness of keys, zips, bags and other utensils we brandish on a daily basis can all damage the item. People assume that a scuff, tear or a complete breakdown of the material are not suitable candidates for a leather upholstery repair service at our close to East Kilbride workshop.

Leather is versatile… and repairable

From the smallest stain to the biggest rip, leather is a fabric that can be repaired so that it looks far better. It is a superior fabric, with qualities that surpass many other fabrics, both synthetic and other natural counterparts.

With tender loving care, the leather upholstered item can be cherished and nurtured in a way that makes it last longer, but also stand the test of time and 'abuse' of daily life much better too.

Keeping the leather supple means that like the human body, it can twist, move and bend much better to the challenges that are thrown at it. But even the fittest body and the supplest of leather is at risk of being 'hurt' and when we hurt, we need to be repaired.

You will be truly amazed at what can be accomplished with our leather upholstery repair service, close to East Kilbride so, before you go shopping for a new item of leather upholstered furniture, don't get rid of the old faithful just yet…

Please contact Upholstery Scotland for more information on the company's leather upholstery repairs service to the East Kilbride area.


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