Leather Repairs Edinburgh

Leather Upholstery Repairs Edinburgh

Upholstery Scotland provide a full upholstery leather repairs services to clients throughout the Edinburgh area. 

Is your leather armchair looking a little jaded?

Are there scuff marks on the leather upholstered foot stool?

Have the leather dining chairs lost their colour?

Is there a rip in the leather sofas?

There are all kinds of reasons why you could be looking for leather upholstery repairs in Edinburgh but, regardless of how big or small you perceive the problem to be with your upholstered leather item, here at Upholstery Scotland we can help.

As a natural material, a by-product from another industry, leather needs a certain amount of 'looking after'. In most cases, this can be something as simple as wiping over with high quality leather cleaner or wipes on an occasional basis.

Anything spilt on a leather upholstered item also needs to be wiped up as quickly as possible but, overall, leather can last the test of time. Which is why some furniture items, designed by some of the most famous designers and brands across the centuries used leather because they knew it would last.


Leather upholstered items will withstand all kinds of things, from raucous parties to children and pets but, when a small patch of leather becomes weak or 'dry', it can rub away into a tear. The answer does not lay in buying a new sofa or chair (far too expensive!) but, leather upholstery repairs in Edinburgh is much more cost effective.

And, as part of this service, you might also want to look at:

  • A deep clean of the leather upholstered item or items
  • Restoring the colour of the leather by re-dyeing
  • Polishing out scuff marks and blemishes (not part of the leather material itself)

You will also be amazed at how cost-effective leather upholstery repairs are in Edinburgh too, especially when you contact Upholstery Scotland.




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