Leather Repairs Glenrothes

Leather Upholstery Repairs Glenrothes

Upholstery Scotland provide a full upholstery leather repairs services to clients throughout the Glenrothes area. 

Everything Glenrothes customers need to know about leather upholstery repairs…

When you discover the damage to your leather upholstered item, it can be easy to think, despairingly, that the end is nigh for your favourite sofa, chair, stool etc. but, with a high quality leather upholstery repairs close to your Glenrothes home, nothing can be further from the truth.

Most damage can be repaired or replaced

Like fabric upholstered items, the damage tends to be to the outer skin of an item, in this case, the leather. From the biggest tear, to the smallest rip, scuff or stain, there is a solution that will either restore the leather to near-perfection or, an item can be re-upholstered in leather to make a fantastic item once again.

Leather is robust and durable… but needs help retaining these properties

Leather is one of the most robust, natural material known to man. Supple, yet elastic, strong and durable, it is the perfect material for all kinds of items from clothing to upholstery.

It will last an incredibly long time, but not many people understand the need to look after leather.

It needs conditioning from time to time

However, before you assume that you will need to spend hours every week cleaning and conditioning the sofa, you will be pleased to know that this is not the case. The occasional clean and condition is all it needs and this can be enough, over the years, to prevent too many tears, scrapes and scuffs.

It can wear thin

Leather, as it gets used and abused, can begin to thin and this can contribute to tears and rips. Leather upholstery repairs are the perfect solution for Glenrothes customers, for all kinds of leather upholstered items… regardless of the damage.

It doesn't always mean that the whole item needs to be re-upholstered

Many people assume that once a rip occurs in a leather upholstered item of furniture that it means it must be re-upholstered - and assume that this will make it uneconomical to repair.

Some damage can be repaired on the item, but some damage caused by every day wear and tear will need to have a portion of it replaced.

Everything is economically viable to be repaired

Some items of furniture, especially older and items of higher quality workmanship and material, are ripe for repair. It is also an environmentally friendly thing to do; if the frame of an item is sound, why throw it on the scrap heap?

Leather upholstery repairs is the only option for Glenrothes customers who want to 'hang on' to the prized or favoured item of furniture, so call us.

Please contact Upholstery Scotland for more information on the company's leather upholstery repairs service to the Glenrothes area.


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